Main Street, La Crosse, Wisconsin
image Live or work in the heart of downtown La Crosse, Wisconsin. Enjoy the amenities of our renovated, historic properties with all the modern conveniences you expect. Walk to work, or to the grocer. Walk to the post office, the dentist, or cross the street to the bank. Easily find convenient parking in any one of several parking ramps just a block or two away, or just across the street. Sample fine dining and entertainment within a few hundred yards, or even right next door. And if your business is looking for a new home, consider the importance of locating your company in the heart of the La Crosse, Wisconsin business, commerce, and entertainment district.

It's living or working in the heart of Midwestern history. It's being engaged with the soul of western Wisconsin business. It's the Mississippi River, the nightlife, the entertainment district, the history, the architecture, the dining experiences, the culture, the friendship, the partnership, the style and the simplicity of being a part of something unique, historical, modern-day, and surprisingly affordable.

Welcome to Main Street, La Crosse, Wisconsin!

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About Main Street Renaissance
image Main Street Development is a division of Main Street Renaissance, Inc., a company passionately devoted to the rebirth and revitalization of downtown Main Street in historic La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Buildings that were once cornerstones of commerce or community on Main Street had fallen into disrepair out of neglect. Some, built before the turn of the last century, were destined for the wrecking ball. Others were so regretfully "reworked" and "modernized" in the 1960's in their exterior appearance that they had been completely forgotten by the current generation as to the outward beauty that lay hidden beneath decades of plaster, cement and metal facade.

Today, these buildings hold all the modern conveniences that commercial and residential tenants expect, with the added value of having been restored to approximate what they were like at the time of their original construction.

We know this to be true, as we live and work in one of these great structures.

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